Seaside Villa Egardo Aparente

Seaside Villa Egardo Aparente is located in one of the most beautiful places of Italy where you will enjoy the picturesque views with breathtaking nature.

A narrow strip along the coast in northwestern Italy is a breathtaking location to spend your summer – with family, friends or partner. The villa is available for private booking by couples as well.

All rooms in Seaside Villa Egardo Aparente are all individually furnished and come with seaside and mountain views, an outdoor dining area, and a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette. It also comes with 2 private bathrooms. The villa is very close to the beach and all cultural city hubs. You’ll enjoy day and night activities around the villa.



Prix à partir de: 750 par nuit

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3 thoughts on “Seaside Villa Egardo Aparente

  1. Stacy Palmer

    Terribly expensive! After such a vacation we are completely out of money! But the location was great, i.e. a very short drive to the beach and to restaurants/malls. Breakfast was excellent with the variety of choices. The staff were friendly and responded quickly to our concern.

    1. Joshua Roberts

      Thank you, Stacy. We appreciate all our guests and will take your remark into account so that the next time you stay fully satisfied.

  2. Lilian Sowerby

    Great place for unforgettable rest, but don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you go. The villa has many luxurious rooms with amazing window views and comfortable furniture. We especially like a shower outdoors, which is indeed a cool feature.

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